Obama Bows to Saudi King at G20 Summit

UPDATE!!! 4/13/09 – Capt. Phillips Rescued and Obama gives order for physical force!  – Any doubts that I had about Obama being overly supportive of the Muslims was quashed this weekend when he gave the approval for the Navy to take out the Somali criminals.  I have to give Obama credit here in light of this weekend’s events.  Proud of our military! Proud that Obama showed the world he is not afraid of taking action when necessary.

Does that mean I’m completely sold on Obama? No. How he handles the overall pirate situation is yet to be seen.  And also his bowing to the Saudi King is still shameful for an American president, but his reasons for doing so may now mean something other than just kowtowing to Muslims.  There are many many things that I’m not happy with as a conservative, but that’s another post at another time!


Not surprising but nevertheless very disturbing.  This is the man who said in his book “The Audacity of Hope:”

I will stand with the (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’Quote by Obama, p 261

A handshake to the Queen of England and a bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, hmm.

Please stop by fellow blogger Talk Wisdom as she will have updates when necessary on this much blogged-about story: Obama’s Unreciprocated Bow is Gesture of Subservience

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  1. Where does he stand ? Surely he is standing on uneven ground ! The Bible says that “… A double minded man is unstable in all his ways ….” (James 1 verse 8 ).

    True believer’s on God’s Holy Word know that they stand on even ground .True believer’s are not out to please men but are out to please God.Paul said in Galatians 1 verse 10:-
    “…10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ….” .

    President Abraham Lincoln said something like “….you can fool some of the people , some of the time, you can fool all the people some of the time,but you cannot fool all the people all the time….”.

    Christians need to pray. There is spiritual warfare goin on. Pray for your leaders ,for believers, and for a door of utterance that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ may be preached in its fulness so that men of god may declare the full counsel of the Kingdom of God with boldness. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon. Look up you redemption draweth nigh !

  2. Count me in as being sick (in a disgusted) way seeing the POTUS bending like some cowardly servant to the SA king. To me, its treasonous and I dont say that flippantly.

  3. You know Leslie, when I first read that I became so sick to my stomach… How wimpy does that make our country look? But worse is the message he’s sending the Saudi’s – “I am your servant.”

    Getting sick again…

  4. Hi Carlotta,

    Thanks for your comment at my blog and your link to the post. I’m with you – so sick to my stomach over EVERYTHING that this awful, evil, usurper is doing to our country!! It is unconscionable for a GENUINE U.S. President to EVER bow before ANY leader. That must be why Obamafraud did it. He isn’t genuine. He shouldn’t even have ever been in office in the first place!

    I don’t care WHAT controversy finally gets him out of office – take your pick. The COLB controversy, the ACORN voter registration fraud controversy, or the Blago corruption. I just keep praying that one of them will send him packing and out of the WE THE PEOPLE’s house!

    Thanks again for the link.


  5. Neil: “As bad as the bow is I think the quote from his book is even worse.”

    I agree Neil. Obama is lukewarm, ready to jump ship as soon as he feels being a Christian is no longer relevant in his life. But his “wanna be” attitude towards Islam is downright dangerous!

  6. You’re welcomed Christine! Your hard work makes my work easy!

    I’m just resolved to praying for our president and country. Otherwise I’d make myself even sicker dwelling on the state of our union and its slow spiritual death.

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