June 25, 2009

And as it is appointed for men to die once . . .

by Carlotta Morrow — Categories: RIP9 Comments

. . . but after this the judgment  Hebrews 9:27.

R.I.P.  Michael Jackson



R.I.P.  Farrah Fawcett



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  1. gcmwatch says:

    Ok, I confess I did try to moonwalk once after seeing MJ do it.
    total catastophe.

    But this was and is shocking on so many levels. The world hungers for a savior who has already come.

    As someone on myspace said, the king of pop is dead but the King of Kings lives forever. Amen.

  2. Euripides says:

    These two were certainly icons of pop culture. They will be missed. I hope they were prepared for the life to come.

  3. Edgar says:

    oh man – I read over at Neil’s something about Jackson but I didn’t put it together that he had died…

    That’s too bad.

  4. Neil says:

    You and I had the same thought.

  5. Carlotta
    Twitter: christocentric

    And I stole this thought originally from NaturalSystah on Facebook…those of us in Christ – like minded! :)

  6. Carlotta
    Twitter: christocentric

    I am still in unbelief that MJ is actually gone. (No, I won’t be one of those thinking he’s still alive, however!) I was prepared for Farrah’s passing, but Michael’s was shocking! I was a bigger fan of the younger Michael but still appreciated his musical genius.

    I’d loved to have known what they both believed about God before their leaving this life.

  7. Carlotta
    Twitter: christocentric


    (You really need to get a video of you doing that moonwalk though!) :)

  8. gcmwatch says:

    Carlotta when you find where Moses’ body is buried, you;ll also find the video…grasshopper lol

  9. Carlotta
    Twitter: christocentric

    Lol! Okay DL, I get the picture!

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