Pastor Miles McPherson (Rock Church San Diego) on Huckabee

milesmcphersonPastor Miles McPherson appeared on Mike Huckabee’s FOX News show this weekend to talk about how professional athletes as well as anyone else can make it in spite of temptations to do wrong.  In light of retired pro quarterback Steve McNair’s adultery and consequent murder, Huckabee asked Miles how he was able to make it from professional athlete to a pastor.

From cocaine user to Pastor

Miles shared how as a young professional player he was into cocaine and living life quite haphazardly until he met some Christian football players who shared the gospel with him.  It was his acceptance of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior that changed his desire from cocaine to never using it again.  He also married his girlfriend and they are still together nearly 25 years later!

Your sin will find you out!

Miles gave some advice about marriage and that was simply not to commit adultery. “Sin will find you out” he said alluding to Steve McNair’s tragic ending to his life, a phrase also found in the bible (Numbers 32:22-23).  He also shared how the athletes need people who can tell them what they need to hear and not what they want to hear.  They need very real people who would confront them respectfully.

Pastor Miles interview with Mike Huckabee I thought was very good and very straightforward. Miles talked about the need for Christ in one’s life and the need to confront sin and not to continue in it.  He shared that we are all human and can fall into all kinds of temptation but having people who can tell the truth to us instead of surrounding ourselves with “yes” people would be most beneficial.

Advice for the married: be faithful to your spouse!

When asked by Mike Huckabee what is the primary thing he can say to professional athletes, Miles answered “to the ones who are married I would say to love your wife and be faithful to your wife.” He says that everyone will stand before the King one day, a message that was told at the end of Michael Jackson’s memorial when the pastor said, “the King of Pop will now bow his knees to the King of Kings.” Miles continues by saying that none of us are God and never will be God! We have to live by the rules as everybody else!

Great story of how Pastor Miles McPherson came to God and the only sad part of this interview is the realization that Steve McNair died before correcting his mistakes while Miles lived to correct his.

(Will update this with the video from Fox whenever made available)

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  1. Well, given that McPherson did spread a blatant lie, I think he now has a duty make a correction.

    A good way for him to demonstrate his love and kindness towards gays is to admit his mistake and correct his error. Otherwise, the water and food he supposedly gave to gays that one day is nothing but meaningless, empty calories.

  2. Carlotta,

    I am still troubled that the “facts” as reported by Pastor Miles were not even CLOSE to the truth. There was no bumper sticker and no one was sentenced for any time whatsoever.

    He reported that someone was sentenced for a benign and passive act. This just blatantly untrue.

    I believe that God calls us to have our witness be true and this is especially important to those intrusted with authority.

    Pastor Miles didn’t bother to know whether he was bearing false witness, he just defamed people that he doesn’t like to whip up his congregation into an anti-gay political machine. I find that to be extremely troubling. And, in many ways, it is an evidence that some are placing social engineering and political activism above the call to ministry. Rather than show care for gay persons, he readily defamed them with what was, frankly, a lie.

    I have personally tried several months ago to contact several in leadership at The Rock to help them correct false statements. I did not receive even an email in response. From anyone.

  3. Thank goodness the charges were dropped against the “Philadelphia 5,” even though a court determined the police had acted correctly in arresting them after they sat down in the middle of the street.

    Sometimes the system does work.

  4. Hi Carlotta,
    I think you’re the only person I’ve interacted with who is affiliated with the rock church. Someone pointed out a quote on their web site and I’m curious what your take is on it:

    “Recently in Pennsylvania, a woman was arrested and sentenced for 47 years in prison because she had the following bumper sticker: God loves homosexuals, but homosexuality is a sin.”

    As far as I can tell, this statement is an utter fabrication. There is no reference to it anywhere in the news or on the web, and it certainly seems unlikely.

    It seems to be a pretty blatant lie. Do you think David Barton is at fault for that, or Pastor Miles McPherson?

  5. So very true Pastor Miles. I think Deon Sanders testimony bears this out. These athletes (and others) need to adhere to one simple rule. Do not commit adultery. Be faithful to your wife. Even if a man isnt a Christian, he should still be faithful to his wife (and vice versa). Adultery can be avoided even if one does not follow Christ.

    God help us all to honor our committments!

    Carlotta I missed this show, but thanks for the recap.

  6. Hey Walter! Thanks for stopping by and I do appreciate your comments and prayers. And glad you share this site with others…hope it continues being a blessing!

  7. I Love this site and share it with my family back East and around the world. Please God I pray you bless this site, you see your truth being spread by our Sister. Bless her that your will be done thru her.

  8. You’re quite welcomed Pastor DL! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a video of the interview. So hopefully the recap will be sufficient for now.

    It’s always great for a man to give his views on marriage and being faithful especially when he’s an example of such! You godly men do give us ladies much hope!

  9. That’s a good question Phil but I don’t think it’s a blatant lie. I think that quote is in reference to the following event: ‘Philadelphia 5′ arrests like ‘Christian Rodney King’ That article speaks of Christians that were arrested and facing up to 47 years for “hate crimes” against homosexuals. It’s described by Robert Gagnon here:

    “Just three weeks ago in Philadelphia eleven people belonging to a Christian evangelistic group called “Repent America” were arrested for singing hymns and carrying signs (“Homosexuality Is Sin; Christ Can Set You Free”) at a homosexual celebration called “Outfest.” They were charged with “ethnic intimidation” under Pennsylvania’s “hate crime” law (“sexual orientation” and “gender identity” were added to the law this past summer). This, along with a charge of “criminal conspiracy,” and other trumped-up charges, could result in a prison sentence of up to 47 years.”

    Questions about the content on the website you can email Pastor Miles assistant, Brad Davis, who can then provide you with the necessary information.

  10. Timothy, I wouldn’t think that Pastor McPherson would knowingly peddle lies. His character although not perfect, has shown us that he’s about doing God’s business with treating people right.

    I placed his assistant’s email address (from the Rock’s webpage) in the comment above for anyone to write to for more answers but if he doesn’t respond, there’s not much more I can do. I do hope you can find the answers you’re looking for.

    And regarding the treatment of gay people, I’ve seen Pastor Miles show nothing but kindness towards them. Heck, he even made his office employees take water and food to gays who were protesting with their rainbow flag in front of our church one day! He even had them help CARRY their flag! Not the act of a man “hating” on gays!

  11. I’m sure Pastor Miles will correct this if brought to his attention. Until then, I won’t allow any more posts on my site accusing him of lying without anyone actually communicating with him.

    Fair enough?

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