February 19, 2013

Lecrae Grammy 2013

Mark Driscoll’s Interview with Grammy Winner Lecrae

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At the time of this interview around August of 2012, Lecrae’s Grammy winning album GRAVITY hadn’t been released yet. This interview by Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington was a one on one casual discussion with Lecrae about topics such as his family upbringing, his wife and three kids, his goals of preaching the gospel through rap/hip hop, how he manages to stay faithful to his wife while on tour, folks collaborating with him on his album and much more.

Very intriguing and down to earth interview, sometimes humorous and sometimes serious. I am one who can barely make it through five minute interviews but this was was nearly 30 minutes and kept me listening through every second of it. Even if one is not a fan of rap and/or hip hop, you can’t but help to be a fan of Lecrae and support what he’s doing as a missionary of modern culture.

Now here it is a few months later and Lecrae’s Gravity album has been the first by a hip hop/rap artist to get best gospel album at the 2013 Grammys! Congratulations to Lecrae!

Listen below …

If you like listening to rap, check out one of Lecrae’s songs from the album Gravity featuring Suzy Rock titled “No Regrets.”

And of of my own personal all time favorites by Lecrae from one of his earlier albums Rehab, “Just Like You.” (I’m an old school mama who isn’t really crazy about rap but I do like this song!)

More on Lecrae here:

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CONGRATULATIONS LECRAE! – Nice congratulatory post by Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll and links to other interviews and Lecrae’s music.

Atlanta Rapper Lecrae ready to share his message of hope

Lecrae on Winning Best Gospel Album – first hip hop artist to win best album in the Gospel category

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