Gideon Bibles Banned from Schools

According to the’s article titled, “Gideons Chased from Maryland School,” a school board voted to ban the Gideon New Testament Bibles from being passed out to the children. The worse part about this article was that it was a “Christian” who contacted the ACLU and protested the action by the Gideons as blurring the lines between separation between church and state.

I took a special offense to this article because of a certain seven year old girl that was touched by the handing out of that little bible at her elementary school. She remembers reading in the back of her Gideon bible the steps of becoming saved. She was so happy to learn that God loved her just the way she was and gave her an opportunity to trust Him as her Lord and Savior. On the back of the bible she wrote her name and the date she made her commitment to Christ.

That little girl was me and that little Gideon bible that I kept for years and after the birth of my five children, I was able to share with them their mother’s written commitment. That bible was lost when my parents home was sold a few years ago, but if it wasn’t for the Gideons passing those little bibles around, I wouldn’t been able to learn at such a young age, the truth concerning Jesus Christ and salvation.

Now, according to that article, the woman who contacted the ACLU, Stephanie Kayhan, declared that:

“The Supreme Court has said this is unconstitutional,” she told the TV station. “It’s not allowed. So how high do you have to go? I mean it’s the Supreme Court. You can’t argue with the Supreme Court.”

And she says,

“I don’t have a problem with them, I have a problem with them being in the schools.”

I tried real hard getting into the mind of this woman as why she wouldn’t want bibles to be passed around. I came to the conclusion that she must be a Christian in name only, because what Christian who loves the Lord and His word, the Bible, would NOT want it in our sin-soaked schools?

Listening to Bill O’Reilly on TV today about those 17 girls who were are all pregnant at the same time, all under the age of 17. Bill said that the students there are just devoid of morality. But you do have to wonder with a school that allows day-care centers, what difference would there be if bibles were more accessible? What would be the influence of students reading their bibles as opposed of seeing other teen moms carting their cute little babies around? At this particular school I don’t know if bibles were banned or not, but you can’t help but to wonder.

How ironic to be celebrating our independence, our breaking away from Europe to form a nation where religion can be studied and practiced freely. Those freedoms are slowly disappearing. Can’t pray in schools, teacher’s can’t have their bibles on their desk, no Ten Commandments in the court house and now the little Gideon Bibles banned from youngsters in elementary school!

This is just further evidence of more erosion of our country’s moral values, principles founded on the word of God. Little did our writers of the Declaration of Independence know we would be headed to a time where even “Christians” don’t want the bible around! Pray for America!

Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path. Psalms 119:105

Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You. Psalms 119:11

Sanctify them by the truth;
your word is truth. John 17:17

(All New King James Version)

© 2008, Carlotta Morrow. All rights reserved.


  1. God is important in everyones life and passing out bibles hopfully will put some light in peoples eyes to realize all we want is happieness and peace.

  2. i agree with kirsty we should be grateful that we found god and i hope other people will find him later in life before its to late

  3. I am just very grateful that I found God . And I pray that other people will find him as well . Hopefuly one day bibles and religion will be everywhere including schools without a bis fuss .

  4. thanks carlotta your like an insperation to us you inspire me to wanna do more to get bibles in school thanks so much tiffany

  5. Tiffany, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by Christocentric! You, your sister and your friends have all amazed me and I’m so glad that you all know Christ! What great friends to have that all love God’s word to us, the Bible.

    Yes, let’s pray that our next president will have some godly wisdom to realize that we need God in the schools and not out of them. Our schools are such a mess right now and you probably know a bunch of other youth who need Christ in their lives.

    But you keep strong and God bless you and your sister and friends.

    All of your parents should be very proud of you all!

  6. hi i’m tiffany and tiara is my sister and kirsty is my best friend and jessica is kirsty friend and we are all in middle school and we all agree that we should have bibles in school because some people now and days are crazy and wild and if they acually read a bible i think they might relize that they need to change i think everyone should respct and honor god because he is the only reson why your here and they should be grateful of that i hope that the presedient gets a news check and puts bibles in school

  7. i think students should have an oppertunity to get a bible and if its not by getting a visitor to come pass them out a student should still be able to get one from the school counsulor. God is LOVE!!!

  8. Thats rite nobody is causing harm by passing out bibles . Its just giving people something to beleive in . And it gives people a goal to be the best person they can be . God is magical and if you have him you have everything .

  9. Hey Tiara! I told my stepmom about this and she said sometimes people take things to far as to write a letter about passing out bibles. I personally think it is great that children can recieve bibles at school because nobody is causing harm we are just trying to spread religion.

  10. I’m so blessed to have you godly and smart middle schoolers on board my blog!

    Thank you Jessica, Kirsty, and Tiara!

  11. I agree with Tiara . You should be aloud to have bibles in school . And like I said it before if you don’t want it them don’t take it . But everyone should have a choice . People don’t want bibles in school but they don’t mind braking up fights . If we had bibles in school then theres a good chance that there would be less crimes going around today .

  12. Hey welcome to Christocentric Tiara!

    I think most of the posters as well as myself and you do agree that no one should be forced any religion at any school – or anyplace for that matter!

    Handing out bibles means that people can choose to accept it or not. No forcing the issue there at all!

  13. i think kids can have bibles if they want to learn or read about the bible but if you don’t want one you should’nt be forced to.

  14. Carlotta thankyou for your comments . I appriciate your encouragement . Relgion is something I take very personal . And I belive that everybody needs God . But sadly everyone is not willing to accept him in thier lives .

  15. Kirsty I have much hope for our next generation of adults because I do see many of you making bold stands for Christ!

    You and Jessica observed rightly that no one was forcing the bibles on anyone. And you both have rightly sided with the freedom to share bibles.

    We’ll just continue to pray for Stephanie that she softens her heart and not fight schools that just want to share bibles!

    And I pray for more youth to be bold and firm in their faiths like you and Jessica!

  16. Carlotta thankyou for your comment . I am young and so is Jessica . Like Jessica said above we both go to the same school . And our little sisters and brothers go to the same school Stephanie does alot of volounteer work at . And yes I am young but I say what I believe . And I say what I feel is rite . And religion and believing in God is always rite .

  17. Wow Jessica! I’m completely blown away by the both of you and Kirsty! You both are so young yet so intelligent! Thank you both for your comments!

    Pamela, I totally agree – either allow ALL faiths to share their beliefs are NONE at all! But deep down inside, you know I would love for this to be a theocratic nation and only allow Christianity. But sadly, we’re not so I’d prefer the freedom for all faiths to share…and that is to SHARE and not FORCE like that example you gave above.

  18. thank you for the welcome Carlotta i also am in middle school with kirsty you make great comments

  19. The quagmire to this issue is the fact that unless it was overturned in CA students are forced to practice the Muslim faith under the guise of tolerance and letting people know about the faith. They were forced to go through a Jihad and other Muslim rituals. From what I remember the parents had no idea it was going on until it had already been implemented. I distinctly remember this because they tried to put that mess in the public schools here in Tulsa. Someone a local talk show host found out about it and raised some holy hell. Parents showed up to the meeting to ask questions. The school officials were mad that they were even there. One of the parents brought a copy of the book to the radio station. For those that may watch Christian TV there is an Iranian pastor here named Resa Safa. He has written books about the Islam faith. He is a former Shiite Muslim that came to Christ at least 20-25 years that I know of. He and his family attended the same church I was attending in the mid-80. When this curriculum was trying to be crammed down the elementary students throats without knowledge of the parents, Resa Safa went through the book and defined what was not clearly understood and exposed the lies being told about Islam in that book. Thank God it was not implemented here.

    It would be one thing to rule out all religious materials being distributed by outside organizations and only allowing the students to bring their own materials, form clubs, etc. HOWEVER we know that is NOT what is happening. They are trying to force other religions on students while at the same time force Christians materials out. Either keep it all out or allow it all in.

  20. To those who think it’s perfectly okay to allow distribution of Christian bibles in a public school; sorry, that should not be permitted. A kid bringing his or her bible (or koran) to school? Okay, fine. Individual prayer? Sure, knock yourself out. I’d even support letting kids have a club or support group within the school, so long as other groups are not excluded from being allowed the same privilege. However, a public school inviting an organization to hand out bibles, korans, wiccan book of …. whatever? That constitutes endorsement of a religion by a government body and should not be allowed. If you want your children exposed to religion no one is stopping you. Take them to church, mosque or synagogue.

  21. Welcome Jessica and Kirsty and great comments by you both!

    Kirsty, you are in middle school? What a wise comment from someone so young!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments!

    And I agree with you both, freedom of speech is very important and religious material as well as praying should be allowed.

  22. I think that bibles should be in schools . If you or your chilren don’t want to beleive in God that is up to you . Don’t accept the bible . You don’t belive in saying prayers in school don’t say them . But why should I be dined because you don’t like it . I came from Paes school . I am now in the middle school . You don’t have a right to decide what I do .


  23. I understand Stephanies point of view but no one is forced to recieve a bible. I think giving someone an oppertunity to join a religion and passing out bibles is an appropriate way. There is freedom of religion and speech. Preach what you believe is best!!!

  24. Paul, that makes sense but I’m okay any with religious material being passed out by anyone on school. I like that freedom, and I would hope my child brings home any other material for our discussion.

    Children can have access to condoms and birth control, and even seek abortions without our permission. Religious material poses much less a threat to me, as long as the bible is allowed, which is by far a more powerful book than any religious book in the world as we well know.

    Hey, welcome to Christocentric and your comments are appreciated!

  25. Dear Carlotta,

    I considered the matter myself. Strangely enough though, I think that this ruling will actually do more good than harm. If the distribution of Bibles is permitted, then ANY religious agency might take the initiative to infiltrate our school systems with their own contrary doctrines and theories. And as a parent, you would be unable to contest, because that would be deemed unfair. I am wholly in agreement that this women is a nominal Christian. I would even venture to say that she is a liar. However, this may actually be a blessing in disguise.

  26. AMEN Lorena! And welcome to Christocentric!

    I love how you wrote the day you were saved in yours too – and I’m jealous: you got 4 colors! But what a shame that the folks were throwing their bibles away because it said New Testament! That’s all I had the day I accepted Christ, my little NT Gideon bible!

    Nice comment and thanks for stopping by!

  27. So crazy how much opposition from the word of GOD. I remember when I collected all 4 colors in high school. It was pouring that day and bibles were all over the floor up the stairwell to the train. People would grab them cause it was free but mostly thrown it cause it said New Testament. I read mine out of curiosity, I also wrote the day I got baptized into Christ in that book. As Disciples of Christ we must contend for the Faith. It is so easy for the seed sown in us at first to get choked up and conform to what the WORLD wants. May God be PRAISED! AMEN!!

  28. :) – That IS good news about the Gideons!

    I have to agree with you that the lady who went to the ACLU just isn’t a Christian Mark. Sadly, there are so many “Christians” like her who have sold their souls to the devil for the sake of tolerance. It’s cowardice and it’s people who care more about pleasing people rather than God!

  29. Good News: The Gideon’s consist of many men in all walks of professions – that includes some very good lawyers! :)

    btw: That lady is no “Christian”. Her Lord is the father of Lies disguised as “tolerance” – which no Truth shalll ever spring forth.

    God Bless!

  30. Yes Christine, “Christians” who stand against godliness is what bothers me more than anything! That same parent probably doesn’t care if her child can get an abortion or contraceptives without her permission, but the bible? And that is WITH permission?

    I wish I could have been at that meeting with the ACLU (I loved your acronym :) to let them know how much that little Gideon bible meant to me in my life!

    I’m sick that I lost it but probably the Lord didn’t want me worshipping “it!”

    Thanks so much for your comment!

  31. What a sad state of affairs we have in this country when a self-proclaimed “Christian” runs to the ACLU (a.k.a. Against Christ Loves Ungodliness) organization to protest the handing out of Gideon Bibles at a school!!

    I teared up when I read about how a Gideon Bible – handed out to you as a little girl – led to your commitment to Jesus Christ! So wonderful! How beautiful it is to read that you were able to share that written commitment in that Gideon Bible many years later with your own children!!

    Where is the tolerance? That is what I’d like to know!

    We are to tolerate ANYTHING and EVERYTHING sexual, deviant, perverse, ungodly, unpatriotic, and – you name it – in schools but not the written Word of God?

    We desperately need revival in this country…

    Praying for America EVERY DAY!

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