What exactly is gay bashing?

I’ve seen that term thrown around a lot lately, especially with the upcoming Proposition 8, the California Marriage Protection Amendment readying for the vote in November. Pastor Miles McPherson of the Rock Church San Diego, who’s hosting a rally in October in support of Proposition 8, is one example of pastors who are an increasing target of gay activists.

I’ve been surfing the blogs and have found many verbal attacks against him and those of us who speak out against homosexuality. Some of the names being thrown out are “gay-basher-in-chief” (Pastor Miles), homophobes, gay-marriage killers, and a whole lot more.

But what exactly is gay bashing? When I first heard that word, my first thought is that gay people are being hit over the head, or attacked physically – period! But now that term has been used to described much more. When I see how its used against people such as Pastor Miles, and ex-gay men such as Pastor DL of the GCMwatch blog and James Hartline of the James Hartline report, gays are expressing a hatred of not only their messages but the individuals themselves – even as drastic as death threats! With Pastor Miles activism in preaching the biblical and societal importance of the family as man and woman, husband and wife and Pastor DL and James Hartline teaching the message that homosexuality isn’t permanent, it can be changed, it seems as though “heterophobia” is on the rise!

Christians such as myself who have taken the time to debate homosexuals will run across many who also hate the messages that are being shared straight from the scriptures. For that I am lableled a homophobic, gay bashing hater of homosexual people! Although I never use derogatory words in speaking to them, it is simply the message that earns me the title of “gay basher!”

I’d like to hear from some of you who claim that gays are being “bashed” by Christians such as myself and others who are active in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and unabashedly shameless when saying to someone that their lifestyle or sexual orientation my be acceptable to the state of California, but it isn’t to God. Who dare to say that yes, homosexuality is immoral as says the scriptures. I’m always looking for ways to improve myself as well, so any suggestions as to make my speech more acceptable, I’d like to hear those too!

Gay bashing is a very important term, because if gay marriages are approved permanently, then it may come to the courts to decide that “gay bashing” is illegal and therefore punishable. If it’s okay for gays to be married, then it certainly has to be okay period! Which is why it’s so important for many of us to take the stand for marriage between men and women. It seems to be coming to that point with people being fired from jobs, suspended from schools, and etc for people merely expressing disagreement with the gay sexual orientation.

So, let’s break it down! What is gay bashing? What is acceptable and unacceptable speech in talking to, about or with gays? I’d like to hear from both viewpoints – heterosexual and homosexual.

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  1. Phil, I don’t know what I was thinking bringing up a subject we thoroughly discussed on my “Gay Unions don’t affect religious freedom? Think again!” post.

    My bad!

  2. Phil, we are at a crossroad where everyone’s belief’s are beginning to interfere with one another.

    Carlotta, the dilemma you present is largely a false one.

    Now it’s “acceptance” is being pushed upon Christians who view it as immoral.

    For starters, you suggest that if same-sex marriage is legal, then you must “accept” it. In fact, you are welcome to think ill of all married couples, gay or straight. What is in your heart is your own domain, subject to no one but yourself.

    If we’re talking about “stepping on toes,” then we need to understand what that means. I suggest that, if someone is having their toes stepped on, that means that they are being forced to do something, or prevented from doing something. If we really, truly, support liberty and freedom, then the only people who get their toes stepped on are the ones who want to limit other people’s freedoms. If you choose to limit your own freedom, that’s not a problem: that fits right in with the definition of freedom.

    From this perspective, the only freedom that can’t be absolute in a free society is “the freedom to limit other people’s freedoms.” And it’s a little ridiculous for people to lay claim to such a “freedom” in the first place.

    Let’s consider some examples of “someone […] getting in the way of somebody’s individual liberty!”

    A rapist wants to rape a victim. The victim does not want to be raped. Is this a conflict where someone will “get their toes stepped on” no matter what?

    A secular atheist wants to force the children of a home-schooling Christian family to attend a public-school lecture on contraceptives. The parents of this family do not want to send their children to this. Is this a conflict where someone will “get their toes stepped on” no matter what?

    A social conservative wants to prevent a gay couple from getting legally married. The gay couple want to get married. Is this a conflict where someone will “get their toes stepped on” no matter what?

    If you’re thinking logically, and rationally, you’ll see that the answer is “Well…not really.” Who has the right to make decisions about whether a woman has sex with a man? Only that woman. Who has a right to make decisions about whether children will be subjected to a lecture on contraceptives? Only their parents.

    Who has the right to make decisions about whether an adult couple can marry? Only that couple.

    If we want to live in a society free from oppression (a reasonable goal), then we must accept that “the freedom to oppress” is not a fundamental freedom.

  3. “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” Thomas Jefferson

  4. Phil, we are at a crossroad where everyone’s belief’s are beginning to interfere with one another. It used to be whatever one did behind closed doors was their business and no one else cared.

    So what do we do now? Somebody is going to get their toes stepped on. Homosexuality was fine as long as it was kept behind closed doors. Now it’s “acceptance” is being pushed upon Christians who view it as immoral.

    Christianity was okay for some, as long as Christians beliefs were kept behind the closed doors of a church. But our beliefs are getting in the way of other’s lives.

    How would you propose everyone get along? And it’s not going to work for someone to tell me to sit back and just let gay people do their thing and be happy because of how strongly I feel about the importance of the family unit – man, woman and child. Many Christians feel as strongly as I do. So what next?

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