'It's ok to be gay' teachings allowed in schools – without parents permission!

The case of Massachusetts David Parker who was arrested because he refused to leave a meeting where they had turned down his request for allowing him to opt-out his child from class when being taught about homosexuality. This went to the Supreme court and the court refused to intervene and allowed the schools to teach homosexuality without parents’ permission.

All I can say to this is WOW! I am very angry that a parent isn’t even given the option of NOT allowing their child to be indoctrinated with the “it’s okay to be gay” teachings! The parents involved in this case took their children out and are homeschooling, while still paying taxes for this school!

Here’s the rest of the story from WorldnetDaily.com:


Decision to teach kids to be ‘gay’ allowed to stand
This despicable ruling not of the people, nor for the people, but against the people’

Posted: October 08, 2008
11:20 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A federal court decision approving mandatory public school instruction for children as young as kindergarten in how to be homosexual is being allowed to stand, drawing a description of “despicable” from the parent who unsuccessfully challenged his school district’s “gay” advocacy agenda.

Estabrook Elementary

The U.S. Supreme Court without comment has refused to intervene in a case prompted by the actions of officials at Estabrook Elementary school in Lexington, Mass., who not only were teaching homosexuality to young children, but specifically refused to allow Christian parents to opt their children out of the indoctrination.

The case on which WND has reported previously involves Massachusetts father David Parker, who with his wife now have withdrawn their children from public schools, for which they continue to pay taxes, and are homeschooling.

The decision by the Supreme Court leaves standing the ruling from the appeals court for Massachusetts, where Judge Sandra Lynch said those who are concerned over such civil rights violations “may seek recourse to the normal political processes for change in the town and state.”

Earlier District Judge Mark Wolf had ordered that school officials’ work to undermine Christian beliefs and teach homosexuality is needed to prepare children for citizenship, and if parents don’t like it they can elect a different school committee or homeschool their children.

According to a new report from MassResistance, a pro-family organization following the case, the dispute was over the “Lexington Schools’ aggressive policy of normalizing homosexual behavior to elementary school children and not allowing parents to be notified before or after, or being able to opt-out their kids from it.”

The dispute grabbed headlines when Parker, on April 27, 2005, “was arrested and thrown in jail by school officials over his insistence on being notified regarding his son in kindergarten being taught about homosexual relationships by adults,” Mass Resistance reported.

Another family was alarmed by a similar situation a short time later as the school not only continued its indoctrination, but “became more hostile to the Parkers, and local liberals and homosexual activists did their best to harass the family,” Mass Resistance reported.

In fact, the school, led by Supt. Paul Ash, then stated in school publications they would not “compromise” on any points regarding the homosexual agenda.

“The [Supreme] court did not even bother to notify the Parkers or their attorneys,” said Mass Resistance, which said what now will be enforced in the judicial district will be the lower bench rulings that the state has not only the right but “even the obligation … to promote homosexual relationships to young children.”

“The unrelenting action of the Lexington schools to push homosexuality in the lower grades, as well as the ugly hostility of local liberals toward the Parkers and their children over this incident has taken its toll,” Mass Resistance said. “This year the Parkers removed both of their children from the Estabrook Elementary School and have been homeschooling.”

Parker gave no indication, however, he was quitting the overall battle against rampant normalization of homosexuality.

“The federal Supreme Court of the United States has tragically decided to deny our case from moving forward,” Parker said in a statement. “We have exhausted all our legal options in the federal system for the protection of young children in the public schools. The Supreme Court has cowardly turned their backs on a parental rights issue that clearly has national significance with profound consequences.

“We believe that parents have the right and sacred responsibility to defend the psyches of their young impressionable children against such child predation. This includes more forceful measures to defend against, the inculcation and penetration, of perversion into their minds, behind the parent’s back and against their will,” Parker said.

“This despicable ruling is not of the people, nor for the people, and nor by the people – but against them. We, the people, must take back our government for the sake of our children and the sake of this nation,” he said.

When Parker asked the Supreme Court for a review he noted the questions raised in the case have not been answered in previous cases. Those include: “Whether objecting parents have a constitutional right to opt their public school children out of, or even to receive notice of, undisputed government efforts to indoctrinate kindergarten, first and second grade school children into the propriety, indeed desirability, of same gender marriage.”

Also at issue is whether those schools’ “open and specific intention to indoctrinate … children into disbelieving core tenets of their families’ deeply held religious faith constitutes a burden on the families’ free exercise of religion.”

The high court previously found, the request argued, the “primary role of the parents in the upbringing of their children is now established beyond debate as an enduring American tradition. Aspects of child rearing protected from unnecessary intrusion by the government include the inculcation of moral standards, religious beliefs, and elements of good citizenship.”

In an earlier interview with WND, Parker warned allowing the appeals ruling to stand would “allow teachers in elementary schools to influence children into any views they wanted to, behind the backs of parents, to a captive audience, and against the will of the parents if need be.

“Teachers are being postured to have a constitutional right to coercively indoctrinate little children [into whatever they choose to teach,]” he noted.

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  1. Next thing you know, they’ll be teaching kids it’s okay to marry someone of a different color!
    Oh, those activist judges, when will they learn!

  2. “that parents had a choice of opting out and only 2 did so!”

    The parents of the students suggested the field trip, not the teacher. It’s San Francisco, where many people move to escape the narrow-mindedness of the Bible Belt.

    You people are interested in nothing but advancing your religious agenda. Prop 8 has nothing to do with protecting marriage. If it was about protecting marriage, it would outlaw divorce and adultery.

  3. Pamela, that was totally crazy! What made it worse was that parents had a choice of opting out and only 2 did so!

    See Neil’s blog on that topic. He’s linked to it on my blog comment section titled “We told you so.”

  4. a.m., I posted your list purposely for others to see and offer their own opinions. I have yet to research the truthfulness of that list yet but I’m hoping others who may already have, can offer their opinions before I do. Otherwise, mine will be made no later than tomorrow evening.

    Now as far as the legality of gay families is concerned, however a state’s laws may work in favor of a gay family, I personally never will be in favor of. I will accept a gay family as an existing family but not with any approval at all.

    Homosexual couples are IMMORAL couples and why I would never support them. The same as if someone had mom and dads not married but living together – the same to me.

    Single parent families on the other hand are not immoral in themselves. How they got to be single parents may be, but not the mere existence of the single parent household is immoral.

    So for the Christian, any literature especially in our children’s school, that show with approval of homosexual families will be met with much resistance. That’s why the uproar in the David Parker case.

    “These families deserve the same type of respect in the eyes of the law.”

    To place a gay family on equal terms of the heterosexual MARRIED family, I would never do. So I disagree with you that these families deserve the same respect. Immorality should never be awarded with respect – ever!

    1. “Indoctrination” works both ways. Why can’t religious conservatives
      acknowledge this? What you want is to be able to indoctrinate your children
      into your system of beliefs. Teaching children that homosexuality exists is
      not indoctrination. In many cases, it may save a young person’s life when a child
      realizes he/she is not alone. PLEASE – for the love of God – stop preaching hate
      and intolerance. Your children will grow up and believe what they will. Maybe one of them
      might even be gay. Will you turn your back on them? Will you condemn them to hell?

      I thank God that the US is rapidly coming to acceptance – gays exist. They are loved, created
      by God. They can marry, have kids/adopt kids. Get over yourself.

      1. Ken, the US may be rapidly accepting homosexuality, but God never will. Sin is sin and those of us who hold dear to the word of God, the Bible, will never accept homosexuality. God’s word is what we measure our lives by and not by popular consensus. Those of us who truly love God will strive to please Him and not please man. We will live side by side with those who reject God’s commandments, but we don’t have to accept their sin as we won’t accept our own.

  5. Carlotta, I respect your beliefs and the beliefs of some that lgbts families are somehow inferior to so-called traditional families.

    But these families exist despite the passage or defeat of Proposition 8 and that won’t change. These families deserve the same type of respect in the eyes of the law.

    But more to the point, can any of you justify the distortions in the Parker case? How can this case be used to further the cause of what you see as truth and righteousness? To do so is the very epitome of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  6. Mcewen, with this entire list of truth and distortions, the one thing that stands out is the fact that homosexual families were being taught at the school as an acceptable lifestyle and definition of a family.

    The Christian parent abhors this type of information being taught to their children and unfortunately for David Parker, since gays can legally be declared married, their families can be taught as an acceptable form of families in the school.

    That is the most important reason that that gay marriages be shot down here in California with the passing of Proposition 8.

  7. Distortion—David Parker objected to his child being exposed to homosexuality because it was an issue of sexuality and Joseph Estabrook Elementary refused to accommodate him

    Truth—In a January 17, 2005 email to the school, Parker said: “There is a book included entitled, Who’s in a Family (with pictures) that include lesbian and homosexual couples with children—implicitly equating this family structure as a morally equal alternative to other family constructs. We stand firmly against this book or any other subject matter pertaining to homosexuality ever being indoctrinated to our child, discussed in school, or sent home. We don’t believe gay parents constitute a spiritually healthy family and should not be celebrated.”

    Joseph Estabrook Elementary principal, Joni Jay, wrote Parker an email clearly saying homosexuality is not a part of the kindergarten curriculum. She also said she cannot control what students say to one another and that many children attending Joseph Estabrook Elementary live in same-sex households.

    Point of fact: The entire controversy began because Parker’s son brought home a “diversity bookbag” with several items in it. Among them was a book showing certain types of families, including same-sex families. It was the only book in the packet that talked about anything of a homosexual nature.

    Distortion—Parker was well within his rights because Massachusetts laws says parents must give permission to have their children discuss any issue involving human sexuality.

    Truth—Parker was not well within his right because discussions of differing families, including gay-led households are not included in the parental notification policy. This is because it is not an issue about human sexuality. Principal Jay informed Parker of this on March 4, 2005. Jay said she confirmed this with the district assistant superintendent and the director of Health Education. She was answering an email in which Parker said that neither he nor his wife authorize any teacher or adult to “expose” his sons (Parker has two sons) to “any sexual orientation/homosexual material/same sex unions between parents.”

    Point of fact: The night before Parker’s arrest, he addressed the Lexington School Committee during their public meeting. In his speech, he attempted to link gay-led households to sexual behavior:

    “Children who are successfully indoctrinated that same-sex marriage is normal and correct will eventually understand that sexual intimacy is a part of this union. Let’s not be naive about the implied human sexuality aspect of same-sex unions. Let’s be honest with ourselves. When we accept same-sex unions, we accept its implied . . . sexual intimacy. These concepts are indeed inextricably linked.”

    Distortion—David Parker was arrested because Joseph Estabrook Elementary did ot respect his rights as a parent.

    Truth—David Parker was arrested for trespassing. Even though his initial questions were answered, Parker persisted and finally received another meeting with school officials. According to a press release issued by William J. Hurley, Interim Superintendent of Schools and Christopher Casey, Chief of Police in Lexington, Parker and his wife requested that the school, in the future, ensure that teachers automatically remove their children from discussions of same-sex households, even if the issue rises spontaneously. It was explained to Parker and his wife that the policy allowing students to opt out of discussions of human sexuality was not relevant here and the Parkers’ request was “not practical” because children could discuss “such matters among themselves at school.”

    When Parker and his wife were told that they could appeal the response to the Commissioner of Education, Parker did not want to. It was then that the two decided not to leave the school. The Lexington Police were called. Parker’s wife went to the couple’s car but he stayed. Two plain-clothed detectives came at 5:20 p.m. and a police lieutenant came at 6 p.m. All asked Parker to leave but he refused.

    Distortion—David Parker did not intentionally get arrested. According to his lawyer, Jeffrey Denner:

    “He (Parker) was invited to come in, he came in, there was a dialogue going back and forth, there were faxes sent back and forth to the school committee. His intent was not to get arrested. His intent was to establish a dialogue to protect his own children and other children as well.”—Father faces trial over school’s ‘pro-gay’ book, WorldNetDaily, August 4, 2005

    Truth—According to the press release submitted by Hurley and Casey, Parker said “If I’m not under arrest, then I’m not leaving.” The press release also said Parker began calling people on his cell phone and a small group of people began arriving with cameras. Parker was finally arrested at 6:24 p.m. The group with the camera was waiting behind the police station and photographed his arrival.

    Mass Resistance (Massachusetts conservative group) claimed that Parker was using his cell phone in order to keep his wife up to date with the meeting while she sat in the couple’s car.
    Point of fact: There are pictures of Parker being arrested and led away by police on the Mass Resistance web page. Now how could any of this have happened by chance? For that matter, there are pictures of Parker addressing the Lexington School Committee the night before his arrest. The fact that these pictures are on the web page do give an impression of premeditation by Parker and Mass Resistance.

    Distortion—David Parker got into this fight solely because of his concern for his children and what they are being exposed to in school.

    Truth—Since his arrest, Parker has been speaking against gay rights in other states. On June 13 and 14, he was the speaker in a six-town “Wake UP Maine” tour with Brian Camenker, the head of Mass Resistance. The purpose was to aid a Maine referendum against the recently passed bill outlawing discrimination against the gay community. A flyer was distributed showing Parker in handcuffs. The flyer also claimed that Parker “questioned the homosexual rights movement.”

    The image of Parker in handcuffs had made its way around several web pages like some sort of bastardized picture of Che Gueverra. He also appeared in a commercial in another effort to overturn the Maine anti-discrimination bill.

    And then don’t forget this interesting addendum:

    In May 2006, Parker’s son was involved in a fi ght at school with a friend over seating in the school cafeteria. His son and the other student made peace with each other and continued to be friends. They even had a play date later that week. In addition, Parker was informed as to what happened.

    However, less than a month later, the Mass Resistance sent out a press release claiming that Parker’s son was set upon by eight to 10 students who did not appreciate his fight against Joseph Estabrook Elementary. The press release generated considerable buzz with the anti-gay industry, as it was either run or referenced by many so-called “pro-family” web pages, including the Traditional Values Coalition and Concerned Women for America.

    Joseph Estabrook Elementary School explained the true story in a press release. However, none of the so-called “pro-family” groups, including Mass Resistance and the Traditional Values Coalition, apologized for any of their claims about a conspiracy to hurt Parker’s son nor did they correct the error.

    Parker should chalk this entire experience up as a lesson that all of us, no matter what age, can learn.

    When you lie, you lose. And you deserve to lose.

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  8. Thank you Wayne, and I’ve added you to my sidebar as well!

    Let’s keep getting the Word out and let’s do help Connecticut! I wonder what’s going to happen next with them.

  9. I have linked to your post from the sidebar of Why and How Prop 8 must pass.

    The California messure is now in ahead in the polls; a week ago I had posted Yes on Prop 8 with non-Californian’s help, prayer and fasting I conclude that post with:

    One of our greatest tools is fellowship, help get the word out, ask people to pray for California, ask them to call California. It is hard for people to ask but California needs your help.

    Now we need to pray for Connecticut. We have been in this battle in California, we can help in Connecticut.

    In an exchange of emails with Stephen Boissoin he said.

    Thank-you for covering my story and for your prayers. We are surely in Gods hands. Romans 8:28

    I think it applies.

  10. Chad, I never thought of that! I think you may be onto something here because it’s true, girls hate boys and boys hate girls at that young age!

    I hope to Jesus this doesn’t pass, but if the current polls are right, we may have a chance in winning this!

    I just get so angered on how the school in Massachusetts won’t even give parents a CHOICE in rejecting these teachings! When my kids had the choice a decade ago here in California to check out sex -ed curriculum, I still got angry that they would even dare bring in the schools! I had my kids opt out and then they sent my kids to some retention room as if they’ve done something bad!

    I feel for those parents in Massachusetts!

  11. Isn’t this just so incredibly scary/crazy/insane/unjust/sinful?

    One thing that I thought of last night (that has never run across my mind before) is how incredibly dangerous this can be… exposing this “homosexuality is normal” stuff to kindergardeners, 1st-graders, and 2nd-graders. Why? Because until about the 3rd or 4th grade, boys think that girls have cooties, and girls think that boys are gross. So if kindergardener Jimmy reads a book (or is told by his teacher) that someday he can grow up and marry his best friend Tom… wouldn’t that seem MORE normal to a little kid that doesn’t like girls yet??!! I’m sure that the idea of marrying your best friend to a little 6 year old boy sounds pretty good, because who would like a girl anyway??? This is exactly what the devil wants to happen.

    California… This WILL HAPPEN if Prop 8 fails. Opponents to Prop 8 say that it wont, that there is nothing in Prop 8 that talks about schools, but DO NOT BE DECEIVED, if gay marriage remains legal (it shouldn’t be legal in the first place) this will assuredly come to the west coast!

    Vote “Yes” on Prop 8

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