Comment Policy

CHRISTOCENTRIC PRESS is pleased to extend to its readers the ability to comment on posts to encourage discussion. As such, lively discussion and debate are welcome in the Christian context. Please take note of the expectations of this blog, what is allowed and what is not.

  1. Argumentative Posts – This is a Christian blog for open discussion of relevant life topics. Any person, non-Christian or Christian, give blatantly argumentative posts will be deleted and marked as spam. Once your name lands here your comments are flushed. Posts comments will be closed to prevent continuous arguments.
  2. New topics not allowed. You are welcome to comment on any topic raised in the blog entry to which it is attached. This is not the place to share just anything that’s on your mind, though. Comments introducing tangential or completely new topics for argument may be edited or deleted. (This applies especially to material that is deemed to be mere advertising for other sites.) Unless the blog owner starts the off topic (OT) discussion.
  3. Spam Words – Spam words are automatically deleted. Online gambling, pharmaceuticals, diet plans, porn, etc. Occasionally a trusted user will unknowingly use one of these and his comment won’t show up. If you can’t figure out why your comment didn’t show up right away this was probably the reason.
  4. Obscene language – Obscene or pornographic language is not welcome, nor acceptable in any context. Any post using such language will be deleted.
  5. Threats or advocation of violence – Threats (3rd party included) to harm another person are prohibited. Any such threats posted will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
  6. Identity theft – Presenting yourself as someone you are not is dishonest and destroys honest discussion.
  7. Personal attacks against contributors – You may discuss issues, debate ideas, or even one’s position on the stated issue, but not the person. Christocentric Press expects mature, responsible discussion. No personal insults or character attacks on other persons.
  8. Advertising – Self-promotional advertising is banned from this blog.
  9. Personal Info – Commenters are responsible for any personal information they reveal here. It’s a public place.
  10. Unproductive Discussions – There have been a few persistently unproductive discussions on this blog. I may decide to cut them off close off comments on those threads, just on the basis of their being unproductive. I reserve the right to determine when that is the case.
  11. For Believers – An intentionally different standard applies to those who name themselves followers of Christ: persons who claim to be believers in Jesus Christ, yet bring manifestly false teaching on basic doctrines of the faith, and/or promote evil acts, are not welcomed into discussion here.

Disclaimer: Finding a site from a comment link from this blog does not mean I endorse the material found on that particular site. Opinions posted here are not necessarily those of the host blog.

Commenters displaying a determined propensity to violate policy will be warned or banned. Christocentric Press  reserves the sole right to determine whether a comment meets criteria outlined here. We also reserve the right to modify this policy as needed at any time and without notice.

Please keep in mind that everyone has an opinion and that comments among users should maintain a level of decency. Whether you agree or disagree with someone, please be respectful in the way you communicate your message.

Thank you!

Carlotta Morrow