"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal resolution endorsed by San Diego City Council

The Sanmilitary Diego City Council joined Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Palm Springs, Chicago and New York City in voting to approve a resolution in support of HR 1283, the Military Readiness Enhancement Act which would allow gays to openly serve in the armed forces without fear of discrimination.

As a San Diegan, I am furious that the city council can speak on behalf of the citizens of San Diego, when the citizens have already shown they are against homosexual marriage.  Approximately 78% of veterans voted for Proposition 8 and 58% of Southern Californians voted for it as well!  With that many people against gay marriage, you would think the city council would want to get the people of San Diego behind this endorsement.

But no. Not when the mayor of San Diego, Mayor Sanders, who’s public announcement of his daughter being a lesbian led him to change his stance from against gay marriage to against Prop 8.  The city council voted unanimously, 7 to 0 to back the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Speaking for the council members was Councilman Todd Garcia, who is gay, when he said the following:

“I see supporting the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ to be completely in sync with that long tradition of San Diegans standing up for our military and their families,” he said.

Can anyone be more delusional? Speaking on the long tradition of San Diegans? What made him think that the military families are behind him?

James Hartline, an ex-gay Christian activist was the only speaker in support of keeping “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in place. He described the repeal as unethical and said:

“”We have heard from hundreds of citizens, not only in San Diego but throughout America, who are outraged that this City Council is seeking to legitimize sexual immorality in our armed forces,”

That’s exactly what was so bothersome about these speakers in the city council who kept speaking of it being so “morally right” to treat homosexuals as equals. Where do they get their “morality” from? The military expects the highest form of moral character and to allow homosexuality as “normal moral uprightness” is an affront to any human being that truly knows what “moral” means.

Homosexuality is immoral and I agree that as long as their sexual orientation isn’t broadcasted, gays should be allowed but homosexual conduct is grounds for a military discharge. By calling onesself gay, they are already admitting to being an immoral person so why should any employer hire a person of unethical character? I wouldn’t hire anyone who tells me during an interview that they are gay, sexually loose, adulterers and etc.  I see no difference for the military.

Why the cities find the need to spend taxpayer time and money to hold a meeting to endorse a federal issue is beyond me.  Maybe someone can fill me in on that!




(more coming later with videos)