Playing the Race Card on Gay Marriage

Excellent article by Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby. He clearly shows the difference between what gays are fighting for compared to the bigotry experienced and fought by blacks during the civil rights era. He breaks it down showing examples of TRUE hatred compared to their forced cries of imagined bigotry from those against same-sex marriage.

My favorite part in his article is where he writes:

“Well, let’s see. The civil rights once denied to black Americans included the right to register as a voter, the right to cast a ballot, the right to use numerous public facilities, the right to get a fair hearing in court, the right to send their children to an integrated public school, and the right to equal opportunity in housing and employment. Have gay people been denied any of these rights? Have they been forced to sit in the back of buses? Confined to segregated neighborhoods? Barred from serving on juries? Subjected to systematic economic exploitation?”

Absolutely great writing with excellent points. The shame of gays becoming angry at blacks for not “understanding their plight” as if we share the same experiences of bigotry. We don’t and we need to get this message out to Governor Schwarzenegger and those activist judges: Gay Rights do not equal Black Civil Rights! Sexual preference is changeable but race is inherent and can never be changed.

Jacoby goes on to describe how ridiculous it is of gays trying to equate their rights to those civil rights of the past by saying:

“Plainly, declining to change the timeless definition of marriage deprives no one of “the civil rights once denied” to blacks, and it is an absurdity to claim otherwise. It is also a poisonous slur:”

He also makes the excellent point that if support of Prop 8 means we’re all bigots, then blacks are no better than the very racists who mistreated them in the past! We blacks overwhelmingly rejected same-sex marriage and why? Jeff Jacoby explains it best when he said this:

“. . . because they know only too well what real bigotry looks like.” (warning, very graphic image of lynching, something I’m sure no gay today has had to endure as a fact of life).

So the message to gays should be this: STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD!

Please read the complete article here on the Boston Globe:

Playing the Race Card on Gay Marriage – Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe Columnist

ADDENDUM: See California’s Governor Schwarzenegger play the race card using interracial marriages: Continue reading →

NEWSFLASH: Nationwide LGBT Protests

LGBT Protest Icon

The homosexual community is planning a nationwide protest on Saturday, November 15 and will probably continue throughout the year and perhaps even through next year and forever until they get their demands met. They have a website committed to providing links to area blogs and sites that give the place of each meeting. That can be found on this web page: Join the Impact!

Why the demonstrations? They said on that page:This is an issue of equality across America. Stand up and make your voice heard!”

The LGBT community is still comparing their rights to the California issue of interracial marriages and how the courts had to override the vote of the people of California in 1948 which voted to outlaw interracial marriages. What they refuse to accept is that skin color is morally neutral while sexual preferences is not! Interracial couples can marry and bare children. Interracial couples, whether having their own or through adoption, can still provide the stable environment that ALL children need, a mother and father in a true female and male biological makeup.

They are making this a campaign against hate (see their “Fight the Hate” icon above). Is that true that we who oppose them hate them? Only partially. We HATE their HOMOSEXUALITY which is outright immoral. We do not hate the individuals at all. We have the right to hate immorality. Hollywood and San Francisco and all that support them are not recognizing and understanding why those of us who voted for Prop 8 can possibly be so “hurtful” towards the LGBT community. For one, Hollywood and San Francisco are great examples of the immoral sewage that is spilling out of California, so it makes sense that these two places would support homosexuality.

Yes, it hurts for the LGBT community to be told that homosexuality is immoral.  But there are major differences in fighting for continuing immoral acts compared to fighting for civil rights of those with different skin colors from the majority.  An example is the 4Simpsons blog which gives a quick rundown on the why not to support those unions here.

See next post on Playing the Race Card on Gay Marriage to show why gay rights does not equal civil rights of the past.

California, Florida and Arizona have spoken: No Same-Sex Marriage!

In California, over 70% of blacks voted in favor of the ban. 70% of Californian blacks have decided that gay rights does NOT equal civil rights!

The sad part of this entire gay marriage debate is that gays are clueless as to why so many do not support their lifestyle. The fact that so many people became alarmed that they don’t want their children exposed to the homosexual lifestyle without their consent and voted for the ban should send a strong message. Something isn’t right if our children have to be shielded from it!

If it was natural and morally good, parents would welcome homosexuality. But it’s not and now must be reduced back to where it belongs: in the privacy of one’s own bedroom.

I’m sure this will be fought and I hope President-elect Obama takes into consideration that the most liberal state in the nation, California along with Florida which both voted for him and Arizona, have voted against gay marriages. In considering the democratic process, either Obama will leave it to the states or support a federal amendment banning same sex marriages forever. How he’ll actually deal with it will be very interesting.

Now for my gay commenters who post here regularly, I didn’t vote against YOU. I voted against the act. You may insist on continuing calling me a bigot, but that’s your own opinion with nothing else to back it up. It is not bigotry to vote against something that is WRONG! Remember, it is not wrong to be black and there is no ACT to being black. The act of homosexuality is the problem and that’s why so many have voted against the marriage of two homosexuals.

I won’t dare ask you NOT to stop being homosexuals. It’s deeper than that.

I’m asking you to consider Jesus Christ to change your life. That will be the only way to experience true happiness. The only way to experience TRUE CHANGE!

You must be born again! (John 3)

The Negative Effects of Same-sex Marriages

same sex marriageUpdated 9/13/2016

This post was written originally in October 2008 as a response to the initial Prop 8 balloting and every year is still the most visited site on my blog. In light of today’s ruling that now legalizes same sex marriage nationwide, nothing will change on this site. This blog will always stand for the truth of God’s word which declares homosexuality as sin but saddened as this country just appears to have more in common with Sodom and Gomorrah than not. Can same-sex marriage and freedom of religion co-exist? That remains to be seen and this blog will be committed in finding facts regarding the two polarizing stances.

The articles below are loaded with arguments and statistical data that support marriage between a man and a woman and expose the negatives of homosexuality. Also listed below are articles that write about the spiritual, socio-political, and medical consequences of homosexual sex, a topic that political correctness has managed to keep hidden from the airwaves and most media.

As the debate continues and more and more people become convinced that to “love” all people means to accept the aberrant behavior of the homosexual, the need for beneficial information abounds. Real facts regarding the negative effects of same-sex unions and how it affects not only individuals, but communities and even entire cultures becomes sought after, resulting in blogs such as this one whose most popular articles are the result of searches for “negative effects of homosexuality.” This blog post will continue to be updated with new and re-levant news.

Read, contemplate, meditate and freely share your thoughts!



Harmful effects of gay marriage in society – by Petri Paavola

6 Ways Homosexuality is Hurting America - by David King

15 Reasons ‘Marriage Equality’ Is About Neither Marriage Nor Equality –  by Stella Morabito

Homosexual relationships cannot satisfy the purposes of marriage – by Bryan Fischer

Dear Gay Community: Your Kids Are Hurting. Remember the book “Heather has two Mommies” that indoctrinated our children into homosexuality in many of our schools? That same Heather is now a married mom of four children and shares her emptiness on being raised without a father in spite of having two very loving lesbian moms. Essay taken from The Federalist online magazine.

10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriages” are harmful and must be opposed. - Written by the TFP Student Action, a project of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property. (Excellent video on this page)

Why ‘Gay Marriage’ is Wrong: Answering Top 10 Objections – TFP Student Action


Statistical data and research

Same sex ‘marriage’ has negative effects, shows latest evidence - London, 2 March 2013: The experience of legalising marriage for same-sex couples in Europe and North America shows that such legalisation has negative effects for real marriage and for families, shows latest evidence.

Yes, Marriage Will Change – and Here’s Howby Mark Regnerus is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Top Ten Harms of Same-Sex “Marriage” (pdf)Family Research Council

What same-sex “marriage” has done to Massachusetts (also in pdf)by Bruce Camenker, updated June 2012 – a powerful booklet shared online that exposes the shocking changes that have taken place throughout Massachusetts since gay marriage has been ruled legal.

Christian Persecution and Same-Sex Marriage

Gay marriage incompatible with religious freedom – List of businesses by Christians affected by same-sex marriage acceptance in 2013. Just a small picture of the loss of religious freedoms that many businesses of today are experiencing.
Retired Los Angeles Deputy turned evangelist arrested in London for preaching against homosexuality – a sign of things to come in America?


Court Decisions and Christian Responses to Same-sex marriages in general

Supreme Court: Same-sex couples can marry in all 50 states

Supreme Court Dismisses Prop. 8 Appeal; Gay Marriage Moves Forward in California

Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Provision in Defense of Marriage Act

Prop 8, DOMA, and the Christian Responseby Ed Stetzer

What Is the Gospel Response to the Prop. 8 Decision?Christianity Today, with responses from Christians from a variety of backgrounds.

How can gay marriage hurt anyone?by Matt Slick, Christian Apologist

How Christians Have Partnered With Gays to Attack Marriage - by Ronald J. Sider who is the president of Evangelicals for Social Action and professor of theology, holistic ministry and public policy at Palmer Seminary of Eastern University in Wynnewood, Pa.



Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. is the founder and President of the Ruth Institute
Explains the two competing views of marriage – one traditional/natural and the other recreational/consumer-based



Updated 1/21/2013 – see post on this site: Obama on Gay marriage in Inaugural Speech: the sad state of Christianity in America. President Obama has thrown his support to gay marriage – after swearing on three different bibles. Article meant more for Christians than non-Christians but an important read for anyone interested. Confirms what has been written below that soon gay relationships will be seen as “normal.” The more normalized homosexuality becomes, the more demonized bible believing Christians become.

Updated 7-1-2012


June 21, 2012 — For Immediate Release

The Harmful Agenda Behind ‘LGBT Pride’ Parades
Perverse parades advocate intolerant laws punishing people who disagree

Sacramento, California — The homosexual-bisexual-transsexual parades occurring in cities in California and around the nation are harmful to both children and adults, says a veteran children and families organization.

“‘LGBT Pride’ means roping children into unhealthy and unnatural homosexual-bisexual-transsexual lifestyles, and eliminating the God-given, constitutional rights of everyone who disagrees,” said Randy Thomasson, president of, which promotes moral virtues for the common good. “You can’t support so-called ‘gay rights’ and at the same time support free speech, religious freedom, or freedom of association, because these concocted ‘gay rights’ are trampling people’s true constitutional rights.”

In California, the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” agenda is firmly entrenched in state statutes and court rulings. As a result, so-called “LGBT rights” trump other people’s constitutional rights:

1. GONE — Religious freedom, conscience rights: Under threat of a $150,000 penalty, business owners and property owners cannot decline to hire or rent to homosexuals, bisexuals, or transsexuals despite an owner’s religious or moral conscience: Homosexuality and bisexuality — AB 1001 and AB 1670 (1999); cross-dressing and “sex changes” — AB 196 (2003), AB 887 (2011)

2. GONE — Parents’ rights: A raft of “LGBT” laws in K-12 government schools has largely eliminated the requirement of parental permission for teaching children these sexual subjects. See the several “LGBT” laws that override parental consent

3. GONE — Physicians’ rights: You can’t be a doctor in California and for religious/moral reasons, refuse artificial insemination to a lesbian: “Doctors’ faith must yield to gays’ rights, court says”

4. GONE — Right of association: Owners of businesses and clubs are prohibited from exercising their First Amendment right of association regarding homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality: AB 2900 (2004), AB 1400 (2005), Bernardo Heights Country Club (2005)

Freedom of religion and freedom of assembly (association) are enshrined in the United States Constitution and the California Constitution. The fundamental right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children has been repeatedly affirmed by the United States Supreme Court. Yet “LGBT” statutory laws in California have been allowed to trump constitutional freedom of religion and freedom of association, as well as infringe upon fundamental parental rights. In contrast, homosexual-bisexual-transsexual “rights” are in neither the state constitution nor federal constitution. In addition, these sexual behaviors do not qualify for “civil rights” status, which is categorically limited to characteristics that are immutable — not changeable, as homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality have demonstrated themselves to be.

“In California, religious rights, moral rights, parental rights, business owner rights, property owner rights, physicians’ rights, and the right of association are being trampled by the intolerant ‘LGBT’ agenda,” Thomasson said. “And despite their lust for dominion and their incessant attacks on other persons’ constitutional rights, the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual activists deceive themselves and others by claiming to be ‘victims’ of peaceful people who have a conscience on these sexual behaviors. But who’s trampling whom? American rights or so-called ‘gay rights’ — you can’t have both, because the latter eliminates the former.”

— end — is a leading West Coast nonprofit, nonpartisan organization standing strong for moral virtues for the common good. We represent children and families in the areas of marriage and family, parental rights, the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, financial freedom, and back-to-basics education.


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